Thick and Fluffy Japanese Pancakes Will Be Your New Brunch Saviour

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Regular, thin pancakes are so 2016. Wait, hear us out. We’re telling you, Japanese pancakes are the way forward! Who cares if they’re thicker than they are wide? Rules were made to be broken after all, and as far as we're concerned the more better the batter. Or is it the other way round? That plate of pancakes has got us in a real spin.

So. Much. Fluffiness.

Regular pancakes just weren’t doing it for us anymore, so the moment we set eyes on these outrageous inventions we just had to give them a whirl. And with Shrove Tuesday just around the corner, there is of course no time like the present. Nom. Nom. Nom. Whether you like to douse your pancakes with a litre of syrup, some sliced bananas or even something a little more savoury, Japanese pancakes are big enough and bad enough to handle whatever you throw their way.

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A dollop of cream and jam inside this s'more pancake? Not a problem.

They may look like crumpets, but make no mistake – we’re talking about pure, fluffy, unadulterated pancake here. In fact, the biggest problem you'll have is figuring out how to avoid sharing these decadent Japanese gems. Good luck with that..

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We know what we're making on Pancake Day. And no, we're not sharing *growls menacingly*. Want to give them a go yourself? This is one recipe that has caught our eye.

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